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CHMI At Five

The Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) attracts health innovators from all over the world. The anniversary microsite celebrates its fifth year by focusing on content.

The Problem

Although the organization had highlighted past successes through printed annual reports, budget concerns meant that printing was less feasible for 2015. Furthermore, the team realized that much of their content already existed online, and they wanted a way to better track who was seeing the annual report.


Using Google Analytics and direct surveys, i researched the typical site user and learned that the CHMI website was being used much as a directory; individual content pages were highly trafficked, while organizational “About” content was largely being ignored. The organization had also recently invested in data visualization and gamification features that had not received the attention or utilization desired.


I designed and developed the CHMI at Five microsite to highlight the organizational overview, but also allow users to skip directly to the organization’s highlighted successes. Team members were excited to have an annual report that could be tracked through Google Analytics, reach more audiences, and make use of existing online content.
The site relied on team collaboration to create the copy, and I led sessions on identifying the major content needs. With a widespread, remote team, I also took on the responsibility for writing much of the content.

I designed the microsite within the Adobe Creative Suite, and wrote the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the Foundation framework. I also designed social media images to promote the site, and controlled the launch and promotion of the site.

CHMI at Five web desktop screenshot
The CHMI at Five microsite was designed to feature photography, organizational partners, and links to existing content. The site is fully responsive.


The site is currently live in production, and was promoted through CHMI’s main social media channels, email campaigns, and parent company web promotion.

Future Goals

With more time to invest in the project, we would hope to connect the data from the site, and present more dynamic visualizations of the organization’s data.