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As one of the largest graduate student groups, the Harvard Women’s Law Association needed a more professional site to send to new members and professional colleagues.

The Challenge

The website for the student association suffered from years of neglect, and was in need of reorganization and an updated design. Members were frustrated with the lack of board representation, and the difficulty of accessing resources. The site was disconnected from the Harvard brand, and lacked a modern approach to social media integration and proper consideration of SEO.

It was important to the group that the new leadership board be prominently featured, as well as events and community actions. Members also desired greater organization of resources, which had been buried over the years. Despite a great bank of photos, they lacked a way to easily upload and share images of group events.

The new board page for the Harvard Women's Leadership Association
The new board page for the Harvard Women's Law Association


I worked with association members to develop user stories and create a new direction for the site. Starting from the homepage, we culled and prioritized content to ensure that the organization’s message was front and center. I catalogued the existing content on the site to better understand the information architecture. A new site-map helped highlight the most important calls to action. With a more streamlined navigation, new members will be able to get involved more easily and see the association’s activities.
We also ensured that new members were featured on a new team page, and also gave sponsors their own main page. I built the redesigned Harvard Women’s Law Association site in WordPress, with the proper Harvard brand colors and typography. A calendar plugin and new contact form helped the team leaders dive into the new year with confidence in their site’s ability to capture new members.

Harvard Women's Law Association's redesigned website
The redesigned Harvard Women's Law Association website presents a more branded experience and focuses on important user actions