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Lavender Ceiling

Lavender Ceiling provides an anonymous home for LGBTQ-focused workplace reviews. Resources, a review system, and a distinct visual style guided the creation of the site.

The Challenge

The founder of Lavender Ceiling envisioned a glassdoor-inspired site for the LGBTQ community. Workplace reviews would be annonymous, and help future employees learn about the conditions of working at a company. For the site’s launch, the founder wanted a home for the brand and a universal feel. With a limited timeline and budget, the organiztaion needed a way to quickly share its message online.

The Approach

I worked with the founder to survey other sites and get an idea of the right format for the Lavender Ceiling website. Given a short, one month timeline and a small budget, we decided that a customized WordPress site was the best direction for Lavender Ceiling. As a freelance designer, I was involved in the early design of the organization's brand. The founder had already produced the logo and main color and typography guidelines, which I then translated into a web-ready style guide. Photography was a big concern for the organization, which wanted people to find the website approachable and not overly 'niche.' I conducted photo research, and also established a system for the resource library. Finally, I prepared the site for integration with the review form, which was implemented by a third party.