Lane Goodman

Liquid Lab



Brand + Identity design
Logo design
Web design and development



Live Site

LiquidLab juice needed a bold website and identity to launch their brand in a competitive environment.


Using a brief, conceptualize, mock up and design a website for a new juice brand.


Position LiquidLab as a customized juice designed for balanced health and transformational change

Liquid Lab styles
I experimented with color choice and gradients, and established styles for interactivity.


The landing page uses clean, minimal design and photography to showcase the product in stories of balanced lifestyles. Product branding furthers the idea of change & balance with alchemical symbols, soft color gradients, and calligraphic motifs

Liquid Lab mood board 2
Mood boards helped create the overall direction for the look and feel of the brand.
Liquid Lab competitive research
Competitor research helped determine a unique direction for the brand, positioning, and logo.


After creating wireframes, design patterns, and deciding on a color scheme and typography, I designed the website in the creative suite. I developed a logo to represent the brand, and presented packaging concepts. I coded the HTML and CSS for the site, working to ensure the landing page was fully responsive. This site can be viewed live at:

Liquid Lab logo design
The logo was inspired by alchemical symbols, reinforcing the lab motif
Liquid Lab product mockup
After looking at other similar juice brands, I knew I wanted to mockup a simple but distinctive product.